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Hello How Are You, Yes It's Nice To Meet Me. I Am Someone; Me.. Bradley. A 16 Year Old Multilingual; Friendly&EasyGoing Guy. Welcome <3 !
Sunday selfie .

S/O to my day one nigga on his 18th bday @caribbean_misfit 

Happy Sunday to you insta peeps&#160;!
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Everyday gets brighter. 

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This man lives the natural life, all  alone by the river.

The life us too real:  countryside. 

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My mom bout to make some sixes.

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Just had to.
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Well hello good morning! 

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,  or deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure..

__Inspiration for The day.

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The smile is what kills them :)  


#WINNING&#160;!  #CharlieSheen
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Yes she always this foine people.
Doh buss your head,  it&#8217;s a gift!

Bout to turn this shit up (88)
Put your hands in the air, oh nanana (8)

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A Night to Remember.

   It&#8217;s Prom Season Again Tho.
#Prom 2013. 

My face is not swollen tho lol, just the lighting.
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I would marry the human who got me those, in leather preferably :$ ,#hiphop #dance #pants
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